The producer and creator, Scott Broad, of and Boney Manor has over 20 years in the Halloween Entertainment Industry. Seven years ago his wife Michelle, was diagnosed with the cruel mystery of Lupus.  "It's heartbreaking and leaves one feeling helpless to watch a loved one suffer the roller coaster affects to this debilitating deadly disease," says her husband Scott Broad. "There is not enough research and knowledge in the medical field at present, nor understanding with one that is dealing with Lupus. It can affect vital organs like heart, kidney, liver and the brain as well as other parts of the body. It attacks the immune system leaving the individual with no immune system to ward off colds or flu. The Lupus Disease can be fatal and anyone can get it anytime. That is the reason I do this Halloween show ... to bring as much attention as possible through entertainment with the hope that people will be inspired to learn more about Lupus. 

Started over 4 years ago with one purpose: to bring much needed aid and awareness to people who suffer from a very serious disease called lupus. There is no known specific cause and no cure for lupus, and yet, worldwide, five million people suffer its effects. 

Understanding and awareness are crucial to fight any disease. Just a few decades ago, there was little data about the long-term effects of lupus treatments because people with lupus simply didn’t live long enough. Fortunately, that is changing, but for that change to continue more people need to know about lupus. Big celebrity endorsements and widely publicized events can go a long way to make people aware of the need for more research, but at the end of the day it is the results of that research, and the money that funds it, that drive advancements in treatments and further understanding of the disease. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t spend a large amount of their funding on research.

This is where comes in. I wanted to do something in a different way that would get a lot of attention and ensure that the money raised goes toward research and understanding of lupus. I picked Halloween (which is a long story), and with a team of incredibly creative and talented people created a one-of-a-kind event called Boney Manor, a drive-through tableaux of fantastic and wonderful scenes and special effects.

The notion of “Paying It Forward” is close to my heart; at Boney Manor visitors are treated to an incredible visual experience and get an education about lupus in hopes that they will donate to the cause. Every car that comes through receives goodie bags containing candy and toys for kids and fun gifts for the parents. Even though this is a FREE event, we hope that people will be entertained and will donate. Partial proceed donations from Boney Manor go to the Lupus Foundation of America, Wisconsin Chapter.

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Welcome to Schneider Farm Presents Boney Manor. We, Randy and Lori Schneider, are the new owners of this one-of-a-kind Halloween presentation. We are taking this over from Scott Broad as his wife Michelle is suffering from this disease. Scott and Michelle are our friends so we want to continue paying it forward by doing this display which brings awareness to the disease of Lupus. 

We first started doing volunteering with the Walworth County 4-H Horse and Pony Project which our daughter, Melissa was a member and leader of. We volunteered by helping set up for the clinics and the qualifying shows but also by attending committee meetings. We got involved with Boney Manor 5 years ago when Scott did the display on his property in Bristol, WI. I, Lori Schneider helped with dressing the skeletons, posing them, painting them and setting them up for display. This is where I gained the passion for doing this.

We both love Halloween which is why Scott asked us to take over Boney Manor and continue raising awareness for the Lupus foundation. We have been doing this display at our property in Genoa City, WI for 3 years now and hope to continue doing it for years to come. 

Lori and Randy Schneider

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FUN for the WHOLE FAMILY!!!  Pack the kids (& the dog) in the car & drive by this unique Halloween Experience!!

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Oct. 20-23 and 27-31 (7:00-9:30pm)!!!!


Michelle & Scott Broad

Where it all began...

Our story about Lupus,

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A FREE one-of-a-kind drive-by family-friendly Halloween Spooktacular Event to raise awareness and funding for more research for people who suffer from Lupus Disease.

Oct. 20-23 & 27-31, 2022


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